Hello!  We are so happy you found us! We’re Sips & Pics, a mobile bar and photo booth.  We transformed a 1967 Shasta trailer into a beautiful bar with a photo booth. We are versatile!  You can choose bar service, photo booth service or both. In addition, we stage your space to create cozy seating areas where your guests can gather and relax while enjoying a beverage from the bar. Creating a beautiful atmosphere and providing excellent customer service is our expertise!

Meet Our Team

Tara Wyckoff


Tara will be your point of contact and learn your needs inside and out.  She is passionate about making spaces beautiful and providing excellent customer service.

Klayton Wyckoff


Klayton transformed our vintage 1967 Shasta trailer into the beauty she is today. He is also our driver extraordinaire!  From hauling the trailer, to setting it up perfectly, he is a trailer master.